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Algonquin College Story Collection - Ottawa 2014

AlgonquinCollegeLogoStudents from Algonquin College have for the second year submitted compelling stories from those in their lives. Face2Face appreciates each video and the time and effort put into each project. The program provides students with the opportunity to go out and network with interesting people, work on their video skills, and share their accomplishments with their classmates and the rest of Canada. Face2Face would like to thank the Algonquin College School of Media and Design for yet another successful series.

Face2Face with Tom Shock

Listen to Tom Shock, a former comedian who developed a career at local radio stations, The Bear and Boom FM. Tom talks about the evolution of the radio industry and how to make it relevant for listeners in Ottawa. He shows the viewers a day in the life of a radio broadcaster and the responsibilities that come with it. Tom has worked at a variety of stations, has been an on-air DJ and is passionate about the industry.

Video by: Steve LePrade, Amber Gogo, Margaret Brough, Sabrina Betts, Thomas Wood


Face2Face with Mike O’Byrne

Anchor for the CTV Ottawa noon news and figurehead Michael O’Byrne talks about his childhood in the Ottawa area and his career development anchored by Algonquin College. Michael has a passion for television broadcasting and providing the city with authentic news coverage. He was the main reporter for the first artificial heart implant and was a part of the only camera crew allowed on scene. He continues to work at CTV and is known in the city for his vibrancy on and off the air. 

Video by: Chantal Babin, Rae Dubois, Nick Campbell, Brianna MacRury


Face2Face with James Noble 

Owner and founder of NBS (New Beginnings Skateboarding), James Noble talks about his struggles in his early life and how skateboarding was his form of release and expression. James created the company to support local riders. He inspires them by hosting weekly events in a church where multiple skaters and speakers come to practice, network, and give back to the community. James has created more than a skateboard company, but a way for people to do what they love and to help others. 

Video by: Pat Laflamme, Connor Squires, Justin Smith, Joseph Saunders

Face2Face with Dick Cooper

A local signer talks about his country rock career and how he was shoulder to shoulder with some of the most iconic music legends in North America. Dick Cooper thanks his father and family for supporting his passion for music. The Cooper Brothers were together for nearly 20 years and had financial difficulties with record companies. Dick turned to writing television scripts but his passion for music never left. The band got back together in 2006 and opened for James Taylor in 2006.


Face2Face with Angie Sakla Seymour

Angie opened up her own agency to encourage young people to go into the entertainment industry. She has connections all over the world and has agencies in major cities across Canada. Angie is known in the industry as being one of the most passionate and hardworking mentors in our country and was responsible for launching Ryan Gosling’s career at a young age. Her goal is to continue to find talented young Canadian stars and assist them in becoming  the best they can be.

Video by: Jess, Nick, Steve, Mirhan

Face2Face with Muhammad Abolkasen

Growing up in Saudi Arabia and born in the middle of a war, Muhammad was forced to start a new life in Canada. He met his wife here and worked his way up to become a manager at a local Tim Hortons franchise. He went to school during the process to become a better leader and was eventually offered his own franchise. He now owns 4 locations, has over 130 employees and has an MBA from the University of Ottawa. 

Video by: Shakeel Haider, Kathy Zaremba, David Lawrence


Face2Face with Lucky Ron

A local musician and legend talks about his musical journey in the Ottawa area. He is known by Ottawa music lovers as being distinctive and lively on stage. Inspired by his fans, Lucky Ron ran for mayor and got about 3,000 votes. Lucky Ron prides himself on having a fun act where people from all walks of life come to watch him perform. 

Video by: Liam Thompson, Greg Gladysz, Luc Lamarre, Ryan Warren


Face2Face with Caroline Pignat

Author and teacher from Ottawa, Canada, talks about her life in Dublin, Ireland and her struggles moving back and forth. She started writing to her grandmother as a hobby, which eventually lead to writing well-established novels. Caroline embraces her emotions and uses them as an advantage to inspire her book themes and teaching practices.

Video by: Rene Fortier, Caelan Benn, Cindy Keeling, Mandred Raffelsieper


Face2Face with Barry Lee Strayer

Listen to the story of former federal court judge and advisor to the Governor General of Canada. Barry was raised and educated in Canada where he then went to Oxford University to further his schooling. He is one of the main architects of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and worked alongside Jean Chrétien and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He has been a significant contributor to the development of Canada and other British Commonwealth territories. 

Video by: Romi Knight, Carlo Santurbano, James Gilchrist


Face2Face with the Heaton Family

Mother, Robin, and brother, Simon talk about their family member, Adam who struggles with Prader Willi Syndrome. Her son suffers with a variety of symptoms that make it difficult for him to live a normal life. Adam belongs to the Youth Social Network where they have outings and participate in Tae Kwon Do with black belt instructors. His family is constantly supporting him and they admire Adam’s positive outlook on life. 

Video by: Shannon Castledine, Jeremy, Julia Langlois, Mark Bouwman


Face2Face with Vernon Douglas

Listen to the story of a biologist who revolutionized the breeding process for the food industry. Vernon has a Masters in food genetics and breeding, allowing him to work for a huge variety of organizations such as the Canadian Celiac Association, farmers’ groups, and various Chinese study groups to master the science and provide the world with healthy oats. Vernon has played a huge role in the revolution of food and is modest in the way he speaks of his successes. 

Video by: Josh, Nick, Erin, & Lisa


Face2Face with Julien Desormeaux

Students from Algonquin College interview fellow classmate Julien, an up-and-coming documentary producer who recently released his first film about his substance addicted mother. Julian grew up in a small town outside of Ottawa in a difficult household. Julien’s film was shown in a film festival in hopes that his mother would become sober. Despite having come up against heavy odds, he has continued to follow his passion in television broadcasting.  His hard work and dedication has inspired his fellow students and enabled his mother to alter her lifestyle. 


Video by: Heather, Chris, Brendan, Patrick

Face2Face with Pierre St. Amand

Hear Canadian fighter pilot, Pierre St. Amand, talk about his extensive background in the military and his experiences flying an F18. Pierre talks about fellow pilots he’s lost during the Cold War and other tragedies witnessed along the way. The Royal Canadian Airforce has taught St. Amand that we all control our own future and is proud to command his own division of noble pilots who protect our country.


Face2Face with Jackie Bonisteel

Watch the inspiring story of Jackie, an immigration lawyer who experienced poverty and struggles firsthand while overseas. She brought her stories back to Canada and spread shared her stories with a people around her, but realized she could help in more significant ways. By becoming an immigration lawyer, Jackie was instrumental in benefiting those who need a fresh start and by giving the less fortunate the opportunity to come to Canada and start a better life. 

Video by: Brett, Alicia, Joel, Steve

Face2Face with Nathan Hauch

Nathan has suffered from a variety of physical disabilities since he was a child but has overcome his misfortunes by graduating from Carleton University and by working for non-profit organizations to help others. He has spoken at several seminars regarding universal designs for buildings that help increase accessibility for the disabled. 

Video by: Kristen McNaule, Taylor Fleming, Hellen Tait, Kayla Pietarinen

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