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Project Hero 2013 - Montreal



Thanks to the support from Densi, Face2Face has expanded the project to the Montreal area. Students from Howard S. Billings High School donated their time to create meaningful stories for all to view and share. We thank all the students and participants for taking part in this amazing initiative and we especially thank our sponsor, Densi, for their financial support. 

Take a look at the 2013 Montreal submissions!

Jennifer Rosenbaum - Teacher, Mentor, Public Figure

Hear the heartfelt stories of Jennifer Rosenbaum, a hero from Howard S. Billings High School, known for her positive outlook on life and her ability to make everyone around her smile. Jennifer talks about how she became a teacher and her quest for equal rights for all ages, gender, and sexual orientations. Jennifer is an openly gay teacher who supports suicide awareness and mental illness for young people.  She discusses her struggles as a teenager trying to discover herself and hopes to tell her story to as many young people as possible. 

Students: Justin Hand-Gregory and Alex Langelier


Donna Rossi - Mother, School Security Guard

Students from Howard S. Billings High School in Chateauguay, Quebec, interview school security guard, Donna Rossi. Donna discusses her family and social ties to the school and her commitment to the community. When Donna works as a security guard she not only focuses on the safety of the students, but teaching them to care and respect each other. She is a dedicated mother, security guard, mentor, and also highly devoted in raising money for cancer research.

Students: Sabryna, Anne-Marie, and Stephanie


Ara Ball - Filmmaker, Artist, Adventurer

Learn about Ara Ball's artistic teachings in music and filming. Ara is inspired by anything new, unique, and creative, which is why he travels the world and films his experiences. His new short film has been accepted in various film festivals and nominated for several awards. Ara prides himself on chasing his dreams and not letting fear of failure prevent him from achieving success. 

Student: Dakota Bergeron


Doug Nicholson - Firefighter, Father

Watch the interview on local firefighter and family member, Doug Nicholson. Learn about his experiences as a firefighter, such as the physically demanding requirements, the dangerous aspects of the job, putting himself in harms way for others, and how each scenario has a unique and calculated risk. Doug is known in the community as being a hero and feels grateful that he can make a difference in people's lives in a positive way.

Student: Josh Aspin-Palmer


Karen Collins - Mother, Volunteer, Singer


Known as being helpful, Karen Collins talks about her various volunteer experiences at local schools, girl guides and as a personal trainer. She is a passionate singer and has been in several bands throughout the course of her life - all while balancing her family time. Her story will open your eyes on how far modesty and sincerity will go in the eyes of a young person.

Students: Daniel Nolan, Nick Catalan


Sonia Iaboni - Behaviour Technician

Students from Montreal interview Sonia Iaboni, a behaviour technician at a local high school. Sonia talks about her childhood in Montreal, her dreams and goals to help others as well as her roles at the high school.  Sonia has several years of experience assisting struggling students in finding the right path and becoming the person they have the potential to be. This short interview illustrates how trusting and kindhearted Sonia is and how she benefits her students' lives. 


Patricia Harvey - Mother

Patricia discusses the importance of family and how the positive influences from her three older brothers, father, mother, and grandmother, has made her into the positive person she is today.  Patricia is now a mother of two daughters and dedicates her heart and soul to the well being of her children, just as her parents did.


Chuck Barnett - Jack of All Trades

Face2Face introduces Chuck Barnett. Chuck has had a wide range of professions such as a carpenter, regulatory agent, media consultant, fisherman, administrator and a public affairs agent. He discusses his life outside of Canada and how his struggles of being away from his family have made him appreciate the smaller things in life. Chuck defines success as having good self-regard and doing what you believe is right, rather than money defining your self-worth.

Students: Maya Taylor Barnett, Brandon Jacobs, Shandy M. Masicotte


Eric Charbonneau - Firefighter


Firefighter, Eric Charbonneau, discusses his family legacy in the industry and his passion for helping others. A firefighter must always be mentally prepared and be aware of their surroundings. Eric tells the viewers about some of his first response experiences and other firefighter rituals at the station.

Students: Brittney Turcotte, Samantha Gentile, and Chris


Daniel Sprong - NHL Hopeful

Face2Face introduces Daniel Sprong, a skilled hockey player from the Netherlands who is current playing in the QMJHL. Daniel speaks about his family, friends, and mentors and how grateful he is for their sacrifices and commitments to his dream of becoming an elite hockey player in the NHL. We wish you good luck in the 2015 draft, Daniel!

Student: Austin Robson


Valerie Wallace - Recent High School Graduate, Business Hopeful

Montreal students interview their friend and hero, Valerie Wallace, a young entrepreneur hopeful. Her goal is to one day open her own daycare center. She tells the viewers how to stay positive and how one nice gesture a day can change the world. Valerie speaks to her peers on how a balance of hard work and fun are the key to a happy lifestyle.

Students: Erika Davies, Briana Blair, Farrah Csokasy





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