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Face2Face with Brenda Robertson

Brenda Robertson, CEO and Founder of Face2Face and the oldest of 9 children, shares her amazing life story and the ideas behind her 2 current non for profit organizations “Face2Face” and “The DIVA Foundation”.  Brenda is a true ideas person and an inspiration to many young Canadian women.

A video directed and produced by the fabulous Caro Ibrahim of Algonquin College. Music by Dan-O at This video was sponsored by an anonymous but generous citizen.

Davis Earle

Face2Face with Davis Earle

Dr. Davis Earle, PhD, a nuclear phycist and Rhodes scholar shares many memorable tales about his fascinating life growing up in Newfoundland, and how he got involved in one of the most exciting projects a nuclear physicist could hope to be a part of - setting up a neutrino trap in an underground mine in Sudbury.  

This video was contributed by Ivo Mokros of Ottawa.

Face2Face with Michael Zavacky

Mike Zavacky, an art director from Montreal tells the viewers of his struggles becoming a successful artist in an everchanging industry. Michael currently works for one of the top advertising agencies in Ottawa and has worked on a variety of high profile projects for large multi-national corporations. He is the creator of the most unique Canada Post stamp ever made, and has done artwork for Canada's very own rock superstars, Rush. Michael is known by his colleagues and the underground artworld as "Zeke" and posts his artwork around downtown Ottawa for anyone to take and admire. 

This video was produced and directed by Brendan McCrann of Ottawa.

Face2Face with Dalia

Dalia, a successful business women working for Microsoft, discusses her journeys in Egypt and how it has benefited her career in Canada. She talks about the values of her work and how her job suits her personality, creating an enjoyable experience for her in the workplace.

This video was contributed by Partners Inc.

Face2Face with Sheila

Sheila, an environmental scientist for national resources Canada, talks about her background in the field and her drive to make a difference. Sheila has experience with several scientific organizations and has contributed to research and development in various areas throughout Canada, United States, and Ireland. Sheila is not only a well rounded person, but an established scientist looking to make the world a better place, one day at a time.

This video was contributed by Partners Inc.

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