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Enjoy these mini-biographies of everyday Canadians - produced with love by high school and college students. Dip into these lives and watch history unfold. Help create more stories by donating now to support the next story production or contribute a story you've created yourself.

Project Hero 2013 - Ottawa


MicrosoftLogoFace2Face and Microsoft challenged high school students In Ottawa and Belleville to record stories of their Heroes. Videos were judged by our judging committee made up of a retired teacher, a retired military officer and a professional videographer.  We think they're all winners and we thank Microsoft for their generous support.

silver 2

Arthur Schwartz, Survivor - Tied for 2nd place.


Hear Arthur’s amazing and inspirational story as a Jewish survivor and hero of War War II.  Become immersed in his experiences as a military worker and how he was eventually able to migrate to Canada, and become a Canadian Citizen. Arthur has been honored in the Canadian Parliament and at the War Museum and will soon be celebrating his 90th birthday!
Produced and edited by: Jesse Wolfsohn, Arthur’s grandson of Sir Robert Borden High School. June 2013

What our professional videographer judge, Caro Ibrahim said…”Loved the intro, great background and very good use of the archives footage with the actual titles explaining what happened and why it was really a big deal for Arthur to make it to Canada. Overall an amazing story"

Mrs. Bright, Teacher

Meet Mrs. Bright - a learning resource teacher at Athens District High School.  She grew up in London Ontario and has been teaching since 2004.  Learn about her life and her passion for teaching kids in grades 7 & 8.
Directed by Tyler Belanger. 
Filmed by Cassie Taylor and Ceara Major of Athens District High School. June 2013


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Abdul Ansari, Dad - First Place Winner!

Enjoy the heroic journey of Abdul’s father who left everything behind in Pakistan, and moved his family to Canada to give his children a better life.  A member of the Pakistan Navy since 17, he has now become a member of the Canadian Navy as a military coacher in DVMAG division.
Directed and edited by Abdul Ansari of Sir Robert Borden High School. June 2013

What our professional videographer judge, Caro Ibrahim said…”Great story and the fact that his kid choose him to be his/her hero is so touching. A great hero is a one who chooses to fight for survival and putting himself last. that's what he exactly did. He had tears in his eyes when he talked about how much he loved his children, seeing that brought tears to my eyes as well."

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Mrs. Marsha McNair, Teacher - Tied for 2nd place.

Learn about Mrs. Marsha McNair, the Principal at Athens District High School.   Listen to her life story – of what is was like growing up in her family and how she achieved her dream of becoming a principal.  
Athens District High School.  June 2013

What our professional videographer judge, Caro Ibrahim said…”Its always amazing to see that a student sees their teacher as their hero. Overall a very creative piece."

bronze 2

Mr. Pier, Teacher - Tied for 3rd place.

Mr. Pier talks about his journey to becoming a teacher at Athens District High School.  Learn about how he started his life journey by joining the Military, and then went on to study Fine Arts at University before becoming a teacher and eventually a Vice Principal.
Filmed by: Lily Brittany.  Edited by: Willow Liam of Athens District High School. June 2013

What our professional videographer judge, Caro Ibrahim said…”Its always amazing to see that a student sees their teacher as their hero.Love that the interview took place in Mr Pier's office in the school which is the best place to interview a teacher. Great job!"

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Eliza-Jane Scott, Teacher - Tied for 3rd place.

Hear the inspirational story of Eliza-Jane Scott a drama and arts teacher at Ashbury College in Ottawa, ON.  Eliza-Jane was a professional actor for 18 years before she became a teacher 2 years ago.  Learn about how she connects and cares for her students through her passion of theatre and music.  
Produced and Edited by: Adam Keshavjee, Danica Bateman and Lee McPhail of Ashbury College.  Music by Eliza Jane Scott. June 2013.

What our professional videographer judge, Caro Ibrahim said…”The character is the piece is so passionate about her students and their life and how they turnout as human being. Drama is not her main goal, she doesn't teach them so they can be only good actors, she teaches them to be better communicators and human-beings. Great personality and sense of humour. Overall great Job. No.1 in creativity for sure."

Sean McAdam, Farmer

Meet Sean McAdam, owner and founder of the Hendrix Farms in Chelsea Ontario. Listen to Sean’s journey of how he became a successful land developer in this small town over 15 years ago.  
Filmed by Nour Gouhar, Interviewed by Aaron DeBlois, Edited by Laura Dodge of Ashbury College. June 2013


Mr. Rassi, Teacher & Coach

**Note - This video is in french.
What makes a hero a hero? Hear what these students think – and meet their hero Mr. Rassi.  Mr. Rassi is a teacher and coach at St. Pius High School.  Hear Mr. Rassi and his students speak about his passion of coaching and teaching, and how they have become a successful team.

Quelle est la définition d’un héros?  Écoutez ce que ces étudiants en pensent - et aussi ce qu’en pense leur héros M. Rassi. M. Rassi est un professeur et un entraîneur à l'école secondaire St. Pius.  M. Rassi et ses étudiants parlent de la passion du coaching, de l'enseignement, et du comment ils sont devenus une équipe performante.
Produced by: Kathleen Escander, Marlena Scaffidi, Karina Katsepontes, Lisa Manganiello and Muthoni Kimani of St. Pius High School.  June 2013


Bill Eastwood, Survivor

Growing up during WWII in England and then moving to Venezuela for most of his childhood, Bill moved to Canada as a teenager and attended Ashbury College.  Upon his graduation from Bishops University he joined the Military as part of the Blackwatch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada.  Learn about his journey and how his travels shaped his amazing life story.
Produced by: Kyler Wang, Oliver Fuss, Noah Novick-Faille and Fabian Klinkner of Ashbury College.  June 2013


I need a hero - St. Pius High School

**Note - this video is in French and English.
Listen to a group of students and teachers from St. Pius High School talk about their hero's, and the qualities they think makes a hero.

Écoutez ce groupe d'étudiants et d'enseignants de St.  Pius parler de leur école, de leur héros et de ce qui, d’après eux, font d’un individu - un héros.
Produced by: Elia Palladino, Vincent Romeo, Claudia Lepore and Ines Kanya of St. Pius High School.  June 2013

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