Guidelines for Story Agents

Here are some helpful tips that you can use when getting started as a Story Agent! 

We are always looking for more tips and advice to share with our Agents, so let us know if you have any advice you'd like to share!

Seeking Out Particpants 

The best place to start finding stories is with people you know: your family, your friends, your teachers, your role models. The stories your participants tell must be true, but don't always have to be about themselves. Storytellers can talk about their loved ones, past or present, and how that persons story has affected them. This will give them the chance to ensure the stories of their loved ones live on. 

Preparing for the Story

You should talk to the Storyteller in advance about what stories would be best to talk about. It will give them the chance to think about how they'd like to tell their story. Face2Face is looking for stories about the past, from people in the present.

Story themes can include stories from childhood, accomplishments, love, loss, triumph, glory, friendship etc. We aren't looking for "journal-like" stories discussing what the Storyteller did yesterday, their favourite ice cream etc, so make sure your Storyteller has prepared accordingly.

You can also ask the Storyteller, if they'd like a loved one to be involved in the filming of their story. Their loved one can sit with them, ask them questions, and listen to the story. 

Choosing A Setting 

Ensure that the Storyteller is comfortable with the setting chosen for the recording.  You can work with them to choose a setting that would enrich the story itself in different ways. For example, if your Storyteller is discussing life on a farm, you might enjoy telling the story in a rural setting. 

It's best to pick a location where there is a lot of light, and very little extra noise to drown out the story teller. Make sure the light source is not behind the story teller, otherwise it will be difficult to see them on the video. 

The Act of Listening

The important thing to remember is that a story should be natural - therefore engage with your participants. Laugh with them, cry with them. The more you make the story a conversation between two people, the more you, as the Story Agent, will get out of it, and the better video that you will capture. 

Ask questions, be open, and remember what you are trying to accomplish as a story agent: cultivating value in everyone's voice, and everyone's story. 

Getting Creative

If you have ideas to help enhance and enrich the stories you collect, we invite you to use them. Ask your story teller to use photos, or incorporate memorabilia, clips from their own videos. There are many exciting options! Please ensure that all material used has been approved by your story teller. 

Story Requirements

We have two different classes of stories on Face2Face. Snippets which run under 2 minutes in length, and Mini-Biographies which run between 4-10 minutes. 

Participant Release

It is important that after the video has been edited and finalized, that the story been shown to the Storyteller for their approval and release to Face2Face. They must sign our release form, which must be uploaded along with the media file to our website.