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Get Involved

How can you be part of Face2Face, enrich your community, foster compassion,
and tell your story? Find out how you can contribute your story today!

Student Opportunities

We know students studying film, broadcasting, production, or media, have the energy, talent, knowledge and creativity to go out and collect fabulous stories. 

We are looking for college, and university programs across the country to get involved with Face2Face, and help us start collecting the stories of Canadians. 

If you are currently part of a learning program engaging in film, broadcasting, production, or media studies, here are some ways you can get involved: 

  • If you have any videos from previous work that focus on the life story of an individual submit the video onto our website!
  • Seek out stories of your family members or interesting people in your community and gather their stories. We call this being a Story Agent. If you're serious about being a Story Agent, contact us. We can tell you about opportunities with our partners to produce more stories, or about storytelling events in your community. 
  • Talk to your professors and teachers about getting everyone in your program involved. Help build a storytelling project into your curriculum or school club projects. 

Having the stories you collect on Face2Face will help you gain exposure for your work and build your portfolio. You'll also get the valuable experience of working with others, capturing the stories of Canadians, and fostering compassion and culture in your country. 

Contact us about how you or your school program can get involved with Face2Face

Project Hero: We're working with Microsoft to collect the stories of Canadian heroes Learn more

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