About Face2Face

About Face2Face

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About Us

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that everyone has an interesting story – a story of love, a story of passion, a story of sorrow, a story of joy – all the highs and lows that make up our lives. 
  • We believe that everyone's story is worth hearing and worth preserving, and that the sum of all our stories makes up the story of Canada.  
  • We believe that, by preserving these stories, they can be savoured, loved and honoured, from coast to coast and through the generations – providing a lasting connection between all of us.   

Our Mission

To provide Canadians from all backgrounds and walks of life with the opportunity to record a piece of their personal history, to share it with others and to preserve it for posterity. 

Our Plan

Today's technology makes it easier than ever to create media and to connect with thousands. Face2Face is using this technology to start a movement. 

The ability to capture the living memories of everyday Canadians is easy with digital cameras, webcams, and smart phones. These stories will be available on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. Watch the stories, and open your hearts and minds to the lives of others.

Laugh, cry, share and connect. Our mutual compassion will bind our nation and drive this movement across the country and into our homes. 

Anyone can contribute a story. Anyone can help. Face2Face is looking for your stories, and is recruiting volunteers and students of film and interactive media to assist in the story capturing.  

Learn about the many ways you can get involved and contribute to Face2Face today!



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